Arcade United Methodist Church
Monday, October 15, 2018
Following Christ, changing lives

Who are we?




As United Methodist Christians, we share with other Christians a belief in God, who has mercy and love for all people; a God who is known and experienced as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; faith in the mystery of salvation through Jesus Christ; celebration of God’s presence among us through the sacraments (Baptism and Holy Communion). 

We believe in living a Christian lifestyle that demonstrates involvement in prayer, worship, studying the Bible, and working through social justice. 

We believe in sharing the work of the local church within the community as we share Christ’s truth with others. We believe in the assurance of God’s unmerited love, and in discovering our purpose in the world as we answer God’s call to serve others in Christ’s name.


    What is worship?

Worship is more than music.

Worship is more than preaching

Worship is more than praying.

Worship is more than anything else one might see in our worship service. Worship is a collection of all of these things… an orchestra of praise! In a short phrase, “Worship is approaching God”. Worship consists of the things we do to express our heart’s love and adoration for the God who saves us through his son Jesus Christ. It is something that starts with individuals and is expressed in the worship service with other believers. We may only spend an hour a week in corporate worship, but we all have 167 other hours in a week that can be worshipful as well. Our corporate worship will be an expression of the sum of all our collective worship experiences throughout the week.

  Although we gather together, worship is a deeply personal experience between ourselves and God. It is vary much rooted in the way God made us, our culture we live in, the tradition we grew up in, and other factors. We must understand that approaching God looks and sounds vary different from one believer to the next. There is no “correct style” of worship. The external style is not primarily what God is concerned with, but rather the heart of the worshiper. If our hearts are loving and giving him the proper glory, then our “style” is correct. In the end, worship is how we strive to keep the focus on Him.